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We'll help manage your electricity needs so you can put more energy into running your business.

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Energy costs are top of mind in businesses of all sizes today. The way you choose to buy and use electricity is almost as unique as the company you run. One thing is certain— options are important. The ability to build a sound energy strategy tailored to your business is key.

As a leading energy supplier, and one of the top suppliers of electricity to commercial and industrial businesses on the East Coast, we offer a broad array of electricity products to fit all of your energy needs.

Take a look and review the products below to see which one meets your energy needs. Each product has a certain amount of price fluctuation, risk tolerance, and level of involvement associated with it. As you select each product, the three indicators below will automatically align themselves to alert you of those factors.

Fixed Price

The simplest way to manage your energy budget is to have a plan that offers you a predictable price. Our Fixed Price product offers certainty and stability because your price remains constant for the duration of your contract. It’s the perfect choice for a real competitive advantage when prices rise.

Our Fixed Price product provides:

  • A single price for your defined timeframe
  • Zero exposure to rising prices
  • Predictable costs for confident budget management
  • Expert advice from your Hess Energy Marketing about the best times to lock-in your fixed price

Indexed Price

Flexibility is the idea behind our Indexed Price product. We provide your electricity supply at a competitive rate that is linked to a transparent, published wholesale market index that will be agreed to upfront. At your request, your Hess Energy Marketing will analyze your usage profile and create a plan that enables you to shift to a fixed price plan once the market reaches a price you choose.

Our Indexed Price product provides:

  • The ability to take advantage of falling market prices
  • The option to switch to our Fixed Price product at any time
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions

Block and Index Combination

Our Block and Index product allows you to tailor your electricity purchasing strategy to market opportunities and your risk tolerance. You have the flexibility to lock-in certain parts of your overall electricity requirement for specified periods of time, while also providing the ability to take advantage of falling market prices.

Our Block and Index product provides:

  • Reduced exposure to price volatility
  • Improved energy cost forecasting
  • Flexibility in determining the volume that you want to set against market based prices

Hess Power Elect

With Hess Power Elect you can purchase electricity at a combination of fixed and floating rates. Choose how much of your price is fixed and how much is purchased at the market price in 25% increments. For added flexibility, the floating portion can be adjusted three times per year. Now, you’ve got more control over market fluctuations that affect your monthly electricity spending.

Our Hess Power Elect product provides:

  • Control over the percentage of your volume allocated to fixed and floating prices that matches your risk tolerance
  • Price certainty for a portion of your budget spend
  • Flexibility to choose your exposure to changing prices based on your risk tolerance

Hess Energy Solutions

We're a newly formed group at Hess Energy designed to help large enterprises maximize operational efficiencies and savings when it comes to their energy spending.

We design, recommend and implement programs to drive savings to your bottom line leveraging our 75 years of experience in the energy industry. Find out what we deliver:



Apr 23 2014 6:15PM

May15- Jul14 peak prices ($/MWh) were near unchanged; seasonal nuclear/coal plant maintenance programs imply the potential for higher gas fired generation utilization and that appears to be having an impact on the daily markets in some regions; NYISO real-time prices briefly spiked above $600 and near $300 per MWh Tue and Wed read more >>

NYMEX Clearport Electricity Peak Settlement Prices

Apr 23 2014 4:52PM

Apr 22, 2014 PJM - NYISO - ISO-NE Peak Settlements read more >>

Solution Services

Hess Energy Solutions is focused on getting you the most for every dollar you spend on energy. By designing and implementing programs specific to the way your organization uses energy, we drive savings to your bottom line. learn more >>

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